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Painting Seagull



About the painting

In this captivating painting, a solitary seagull soars gracefully above a vast, cerulean ocean. The artist skillfully captures the bird's sleek, white feathers glistening under the warm, golden sunlight. Below, gentle waves ripple, their delicate foam tracing patterns in the water. The horizon stretches endlessly, meeting a sky brushed with hues of soft blues and wisps of cottony clouds. The seagull, with its wings spread wide, embodies a sense of freedom and serenity, inviting viewers to imagine the tranquil rhythm of the sea breeze. This artwork beautifully encapsulates the essence of coastal tranquility and the boundless spirit of the seagull.



Linen canvas - 120 x 100
Painted with acryl


About the painter Ellen Siliakus
Dutch artist Ellen Siliakus's artworks are richly colored, expressive, full of texture and movement. Each piece captures the emotion of her subjects,

their inner beauty and individuality, strength, ethnicity and vibrancy. Ellen utilizes an abstract style and tonal background which gives great presence and power to her subjects and instantly captures the eye of the viewer. Ellen has shown her artworks in solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

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