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Ellen Siliakus: A Journey of Art Exhibitions from Damme to Breda

This blog post delves into Ellen Siliakus' journey of showcasing her art in different exhibitions, from Damme to Breda, while also exploring her online presence on platforms like Singulart and Saatchi Art.

Art Exhibitions:

  1. Different artroutes across the country

  2. Damme Art festival: Ellen's art journey took her to Damme, a charming town in Belgium, known for its cultural events and artistic celebrations. The Damme Art Festival provided a perfect stage for Ellen to present her delicate paper sculptures. The festival's vibrant atmosphere, coupled with Ellen's masterpieces, left visitors in awe and admiration.

  3. Breda - Tres art: Continuing her artistic expedition, Ellen Siliakus has a cooperation with art gallery Tres art. At Art Gallery Trés Art, you will find a highly varied collection of at least 50 different domestic and foreign artists.

  4. Waalse kerk Breda - Jazz festival

  5. Luna art - Venlo: Luna Art is an art gallery in Venlo with a collection of modern art featuring originals, graphics and sculptures by both International and Dutch artists

  6. Amsterdam Equals - During a event about women power in in association with workitmama

Online Presence: Apart from captivating art enthusiasts in physical exhibitions, Ellen Siliakus has also established her presence in the digital realm. As a modern-day artist, she understands the significance of reaching a global audience through online platforms. Two prominent platforms where her art can be found are:

  1. Singulart: Singulart, a leading online art marketplace, hosts a vast collection of artworks from talented artists worldwide. Ellen Siliakus' intricate paper sculptures are among the stunning pieces available on Singulart. Collectors and art enthusiasts can browse and purchase her artworks conveniently through the platform, supporting the artist's journey and owning a piece of her remarkable creativity.

  2. Saatchi Art: Saatchi Art, renowned for connecting artists with buyers worldwide, also features Ellen Siliakus' captivating paper art. This platform serves as a hub for both emerging and established artists, making it an ideal avenue for art enthusiasts to discover and collect exceptional artworks, including Ellen's unique creations.

Conclusion: Ellen Siliakus' artistic journey has taken her from the quaint town of Damme to the bustling city of Breda, where her intricate paper sculptures have left lasting impressions on art enthusiasts and critics alike. Furthermore, her presence on online platforms like Singulart and Saatchi Art has allowed her art to reach a global audience, expanding her influence in the art world. As Ellen continues to push the boundaries of paper art, her contributions to the artistic community will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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