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The painting is in my blood - A Journey of Semi-Abstract Expression at Sint Joost Academy

From the age of 16, I discovered an intrinsic connection to the world of art, and in particular, painting. The canvas became my sanctuary, a space where I could express my thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. As the years passed, my passion for art only grew stronger, leading me to pursue formal education at the prestigious Sint Joost Academy. In this blog post, I will share my artistic journey, focusing on my love for painting and my distinctive approach to semi-abstract expression.

painting: silence in Tibet
semi-abstract painting by Ellen Siliakus

Discovering the Love for Painting

My artistic journey began at a tender age, when I first picked up a paintbrush and witnessed the magic of colors blending on a blank canvas. The process of creating something unique and meaningful from scratch captivated me. With each brushstroke, I felt a profound sense of freedom, as if the entire universe opened up before me. This love for painting quickly became a driving force in my life.

Embracing the Semi-Abstract Style

Throughout my artistic development, I explored various styles and techniques. However, it was the semi-abstract approach that truly resonated with me. This unique style allowed me to strike a balance between the tangible world and the realm of imagination. I found joy in distorting reality while maintaining recognizable elements, providing viewers with a bridge to connect with my art on a personal level.

The Influence of Sint Joost Academy

Enrolling in Sint Joost Academy was a turning point in my artistic journey. The academy's nurturing environment, filled with like-minded individuals and experienced mentors, expanded my horizons and pushed me to explore the depths of my creativity. The diverse range of artistic influences at the academy helped me refine my semi-abstract style and imbue my paintings with deeper meanings and layers of interpretation.

Painting as an Emotional Release

For me, painting is more than just a creative outlet; it is a form of emotional release. When I stand before the canvas, I pour my feelings and experiences onto it, transforming intangible emotions into tangible art. Whether I'm expressing joy, sorrow, or confusion, the act of painting helps me process and understand my emotions in ways words alone cannot achieve.

Connecting with Viewers

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a semi-abstract painter is witnessing the connections viewers make with my artwork. While my paintings may not depict reality in a literal sense, they often evoke a myriad of emotions and memories within the audience. This ability to spark individual interpretations and reflections is what makes painting so powerful and fulfilling.

Painting is in my blood

Painting is undeniably an intrinsic part of my being, deeply ingrained in my soul. From the moment I held a paintbrush at 16 to my time at Sint Joost Academy, my artistic journey has been a transformative and enriching experience. The semi-abstract style became my voice, allowing me to communicate my emotions, thoughts, and perspectives with the world.

As I continue to explore the boundless possibilities of painting, I am reminded that art is not confined to the canvas alone; it permeates every aspect of my life. It is a journey of self-discovery, vulnerability, and growth. And with every stroke of the brush, I am reminded of the profound truth that painting is, indeed, in my blood.

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